My Story

1909567_161995041162_3527407_n“My passion for food started on my grandfather’s tractor.

He would take my sister and me on long rides over my grandparents’ property in Pepper Pike, Ohio, stopping only to pick wild raspberries and then present them proudly to my grandmother, who would use them to whip up some innovative desserts for Sunday dinners.

I was not the type of child who was afraid to try something new, and along the way, I encountered many people who shared their skills and styles of creating delicious meals. I was fortunate enough to train with different chefs from around the world who saw my passion and taught me to use natural and organic ingredients. I’ve learned to create amazing yet simple combinations of ingredients that not only have delicious, complex flavors, but also are nourishing and even healing to the body. It is with great joy that I bring my passion for food to you! Enjoy!”

Get some love in your tummy
– Chef Brooke Wagenheim