Macrobiotic Diet

An alkalizing, rustic diet that is reputed to detoxify the body. This food is truly earthy and its healing properties have been beneficial in the prevention of and fight against illnesses.*

Macrobiotic diets focus on the elemental and energetic properties of ingredients. Such a regimen will contain miso, grains, protein, as well as vegetables from land, sea and earth.

A sample macrobiotic day:
Breakfast: Baked cardamom cinnamon quinoa with apricots, pecans and pumpkin seeds; adzuki miso.

Lunch: Japanese style tempeh with miso encrusted greens, hijiki and roasted vegetable puree.

Dinner: Shiitake gravy over roasted carrots, parsnips and herbed polenta, miso wakame corn chowder with wild cod or mock lamb (seitan).

Dessert: Pineapple couscous cake with blackberries or a gluten free alternative of coconut almond date balls or mixed berry kanten.

*I am a chef specializing in wholesome, organic and natural foods—not a doctor. My meal plans are in no way intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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