Raw Food Diet

“All the rage” for a growing number of people. The living foods way of eating encapsulates just that: raw, uncooked (above a certain temperature) and brimming with enzymes. The enzymes enhance digestion, detoxification and alkalinization. This diet sustains a vibrant existence.

To prevent degradation of those essential enzymes, this particular menu is offered on a daily basis only. It cannot be provided for several days at a time, as that would defeat the entire purpose of the living foods way!

An example raw day:
Breakfast: Raw quiche with garden veggies, fruit salad and goji berry sauce.

Lunch: Raw pizza with sundried tomato and onion, nutty meatballs, root veggies and seaweed salad.

Dinner: Sunny hummus and tabouley salad with raw corn tortilla chips.

Dessert: Carrot cake with sour cherry coconut clusters.

Snack: Raw date balls

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